Darkoath Savagers

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Darkoath Savagers are legendary for their strength and martial prowess, which they use to fulfil the pacts and prophecies that drive them across the Mortal Realms. To break these vows is the foulest of crimes, and a sign of terrible weakness – such cowards don't last long, among their own ranks or those of their rivals. Guided by the dire visions of God-speaker priests, Darkoath warbands venture forth to prove their mettle and win the favour of the Ruinous Powers.

Strap on your boots, grab the heaviest weapon you can lift, and get ready to mangle your foes with the Darkoath Savagers. This set allows you to field a full warband, containing:

- 10 multipart plastic Darkoath Savagers miniatures – 1 Slaughterborn (with a choice of Greataxe or Greatblade and accessories), 1 God-speaker, 1 Wrathtouched, 1 Proven (with a choice of Greatspear or Greataxe), 1 Proven (with a choice of Greatblade or Greatflail), 3 Gloryseekers with Paired Weapons (2 with a choice of Shields, 1 with a choice of Greataxe), and 2 Gloryseekers with a Spear and Axe (1 with a choice of a Shield, 1 with a choice of Paired Weapons), as well as a variety of accessories like knives and trophies
- A Darkoath Savagers abilities card, allowing you to unleash the destructive potential of this warband in your games of Warcry (in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian)
- 12 fighter cards for seeing your rules at a glance, plus 2 wound divider cards for tracking your fighters in battle

What’s more, these models can be used as a complete unit in your Slaves to Darkness army for Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

This set comprises 108 plastic components, and is supplied with 3x Citadel 32mm Round Bases and 7x Citadel 28.5mm Round Bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.