Rewards Points

Be rewarded with the Mperor! 

Updated 12/12/2023

Update - Some policy may have changed. Please see our FAQs for information

Being our customers means being rewarded. It's easy. See below

Customers enjoy:

  1. Reward point for every $ spent ( 1$ = 1 Reward Point)
  2. Redemption changes time to time, so always check the "REWARDS" tab on our website to keep track
  3. Any cancellation of orders will result in loss of points
  4. GST does not award any points. (Eg. $100 purchased, $10 GST, only 90 points is awarded)
  5. Gift card(s) purchases will no longer give any reward points (4/8/19)
  6. Any cancellation/returns of orders will result in a penalty of loyalty points. If your order is $140, a total of 1500 points will be deducted. As cancellations and returns have cost imposed to us through shipping and payment gateway fees. (Value of cancellation equates $50 = 500 points, and calculated every $50 block) (Updated 12.12.23)
  7. If your account reaches -10000 reward points, you will not be able to order from us again.
  8. Reward Points redemption may change time to time and no notice will be given.