Rewards Points

Be rewarded with the Mperor!

Being our customers means being rewarded. It's easy. See below

Customers enjoy:

  • Reward point for every $ spent ( 1$ = 1 Reward Point)
  • Redemption changes time to time, so always check the "REWARDS" tab on our website to keep track
  • Any cancellation of orders will result in loss of points
  • GST does not award any points. (Eg. $100 purchased, $10 GST, only 90 points is awarded)
  • Gift card(s) purchases will no longer give any reward points (4/8/19)
  • Any cancellation/returns of orders will result in a penalty of loyalty points. If your order is $140, a total of 3000 points will be deducted. As cancellations and returns have cost imposed to us through shipping and payment gateway fees. (Value of cancellation equates $50 = 1000 points, and calculated every $50 block)
  • If your account reaches -10000 reward points, you will not be able to order from us again.