Battlezone: Mechanicus – Battlefield

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The forge worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus are often covered with vast, continent-sized manufactorum districts, along with armoriums, transport hubs, and storage depots beyond counting. Outside the borders of these bustling factory-states, irradiated wastelands of abandoned warehouses and industrial fallout are all that's left behind once the natural resources of each region have been drained by the ever-hungry forges of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Take to war upon the battlefields of the 41st Millennium with these double-sided, fold-out boards, featuring murky swamps on one side and dry wastelands on the other. When placed together, these boards make a battlefield measuring 44.8" x 30", perfect for 1,000-point or 50-Power games of Warhammer 40,000, and they are the ideal foundation for a wide range of Citadel terrain products.

Due to the easily expandable rules available in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book, two or more sets of these boards can produce battlefields suitable for games of 2,000 points or more.

The boards are made of thick, durable card with reinforced folds to ensure excellent condition even after frequent use. Each board measures 22.4" x 30" and can be folded into eighths for easy storage.