Amazon Pitch – Double-sided Pitch and Dugouts Set

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The majority of stadia belonging to the Amazonians are located deep within the Lustrian jungle, concealed within clearings or hidden groves. However, the jungle climate is unpredictable at best, and the sweltering heat can be replaced by a torrential downpour at a moment’s notice. When the rains arrive they are likely to rouse various jungle creatures – these saurian spectators seldom pay for tickets, and are prone to attacking any unsuspecting Blood Bowl players that stray too close to the treeline.

One side of the pitch is a dense jungle floor littered with poisonous serpents, featuring a prominent Amazon Team icon in the centre. On the other side, torrential rainfall has flooded the pitch, attracting the colourful birds and great scaled beasts native to Lustria.

You'll also find a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme. Redesigned for the latest edition of the game, each dugout features score, turn, and re-roll trackers, plus Reserves, Knocked-out, and Casualty boxes.

Rules for using each side of the pitch in your games of Blood Bowl are included.