Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Heroes Series #3 Painting Set

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A complete set that allows you to experience building and painting your own Space Marine army with Citadel paints!

Together with the release of the third set of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Heroes models, we will also be releasing a special painting set that includes everything you need to create a painted Warhammer 40K model! The kit includes a plastic model kit miniature of Pustus the Vile together with 12 different Citadel paints, a brush and a full-color how to paint booklet (Japanese). A character card for Pustus the Vile as well as water-application decals are also included for the perfect set! Pustus the Vile is exclusive to this special set and has been sculpted in immaculate detail for fans to enjoy! The paints include six base colors, three layer colors and two shade colors and one technical color allowing you to experience the Citadel Painting System with just one set!

Color Contents
Base Color: Death Guard Green, Abaddon Black, Mournfang Brown, Leadbelcher, Balthasar Gold, Rakarth Flesh
Layer Color: Nurgling Green, Screaming Skull, Dawnstone
Shade Color: Agrax Earthshade, Reikland Fleshshade
Technical Color: Nihilakh Oxide

What is the Citadel Painting System?
Games Workshop has created the Citadel Painting System, a revolutionary combination of techniques, tools and paints that makes painting straightforward, easy to learn and most impo