Craftworlds Asuryani Bladehost

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Guided and supported by the psychic might of their Farseers, hurtling jetbikes and courageous bands of Aeldari warriors, an Asuryani Bladehost is equal parts graceful and deadly. Even as the enemy reels in the face of salvo after salvo of shuriken fire, towering Wraithknights stride into their midst to deliver the killing blow with guns and swords the size of battle tanks, and a sleek grace that sees the few surviving foes flee in abject terror.

Whether you have an existing Asuryani collection or are starting a new army from scratch, the Bladehost features a selection of handy units to mobilise your Craftworld’s forces for war. Here’s what’s in the set:

- 1 Farseer, armed a singing spear
- 10 Guardians, equipped with shuriken catapults and a heavy weapons platform that bears a choice of bright lance, a missile launcher, a scatter laser, a starcannon or shuriken cannon
- 5 Dire Avengers, armed with fearsome Avenger shuriken catapults, with optional parts to assemble one of their number as an Exarch with a full choice of weapon options
- 3 Windriders, armed with twin shuriken catapults, including parts to exchange these with either a shuriken cannon or scatter laser on all three miniatures
- 1 Vyper with a choice of bright lance, starcannon, missile launcher, shuriken cannon and a scatter laser for its main weapon
- 1 Wraightknight. Its left arm can be equipped with either a wraithcannon or a scattershield, while its right arm has a choice of wraithcannon, ghostglaive or suncannon. It also comes with two of each of the following shoulder-mounted weapons: shuriken cannon, a scatter laser and a starcannon.