If you can't find a question here, just email us at info@mperor.cc

Do you shipped out of Australia?

  • Currently we only ship within Australia, hopefully in time to come we will do other places as well.


Can you split my order?

  • Unfortunately, one order, one shipment. If you would like to split your order, please do make 2 orders.


What currency is on the website?

  • All items are priced in Australian Dollars (AUD)


If I can't find an item I want, can you still order them for me?

  • Yes, we can order almost anything unless webstore exclusive items.


How do I know if my order is already shipped?

  • You should received an email stating that you order has been fulfilled.


If I make a Pre-Order/Backorder, do I have to pay them in full?

  • Yes, as the items arrived within 14 days, we recommend all Pre-Orders/Back Orders to be paid in full to avoid any delays in shipment


How long does it take to ship the items to me?

  • 2 days handling and usually 3-4 work days but if you are in rural/remote, it may take additional 3-6 work days. Please check out our Shipping Policy


Do you allow pickup?

  • unfortunately we don't as we have a full time job and we dont run the business from home.